ShadeTree Mechanical Contractors

Good business means more than just a job well done. It is contributing to the communities in which we work. Our company is dedicated to giving back as a way of saying thanks to our clients.

At least that’s how we feel at ShadeTree Mechanical Contractors.


“The Phoenix Rescue Mission strives to care for 360 homeless men, women and children each and every night. During summer’s triple digit temperatures, safe shelter becomes critical. In these months the Mission runs it’s Code: Red Summer Heat Relief Campaign, Arizona’s largest heat relief effort, providing our homeless neighbors with alternatives to living on the street in scorching temperatures. It is imperative that our air conditioning units are always at peak performance. ShadeTree Mechanical provides preventative maintenance on our 120 plus A/C units at no charge. The air always blows cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. They have replaced failing units quickly and only charged us for their costs. Their technicians have helped train our maintenance staff on basic HVAC maintenance to keep units running longer. All of this makes our guests comfortable and able to focus on transforming their lives. It also allows Phoenix Rescue Mission to use funding to pour into our work of rescuing the homeless and spend less on our aging facility. Thank you ShadeTree Mechanical for serving the community and keeping Phoenix Rescue Mission a cool place to end homelessness.”

– Ben Parker | Director of Operations


“The young women at MOMA’s House, my team and I want to say “Thank You” to you and the ShadeTree team for your generous donation of a new air conditioning unit and the installation of it as well. Your commitment to advancing our mission of transforming female survivors of abuse into self-sufficient, independent women in a Safe House environment that promotes healing and wholeness is very much appreciated. Your compassion and commitment to the community will afford MOMA’s House the ability to continue to make a difference in the lives of survivors of human sex trafficking and domestic violence. We strive to continue to see improvements in our mission and as we do we will provide you with updates of our progress throughout the year.

I sincerely want to thank you again for your generous support.”

– Maraion A. Douglas | CEO/Founder, MOMA’s House


“[The] owners of ShadeTree Mechanical [Contractors] LLC heard about the building of Tsa  Bii Kin…and felt a strong desire to help out. They provided the manpower, the vehicles, all of the equipment to furnish and install all six systems complete. Their men worked 11 to 12 hour days in the snow, rain, and hail with only a short break each day. The men slept on the floor, got up early ready to work from dawn to dusk! They were able to get acquainted with the Dine’ (Navajo people) and felt a close connection with them by the end of the week!”

– Ts’ah Biikin Community Church newsletter